Naview’s aluminium extrusion profile products have channels for connecting other fasteners, connectors and accessories – such as panels, sliders, bolts, nuts, etc. This is a customizable structural aluminium frame system that anyone can use to create their own solution according to production needs, to achieve the purpose of easy assembly and reconfiguration of the structure.

In addition to playing a role in the construction field, our products can also be applied to a variety of uses such as machine frames, workstations, safety barriers, robot arms, etc., which is one of the many advantages of aluminium profiles – versatility.

We can make the perfect solution according to your idea. Whether you need technical support, or need all kinds of aluminium related software, information resources, etc., we can help you.

If you need support in your area, you can contact our local dealer. From the beginning to the end of the order, we will have professional personnel to communicate.


Naview provides aluminium extrusion profiles for building or industrial applications, including T-slot aluminium, aluminium rods, bars, and more. These raw materials and hardware make up all of our custom building solutions.


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What is broken bridge heat insulation aluminum profile ?

What is broken bridge heat insulation aluminum profile ?

Broken bridge heat insulation aluminum is also called heat insulation aluminum alloy, broken bridge aluminum alloy.

What are the conditions for customization of aluminum alloy profiles?

What are the conditions for customization of aluminum alloy profiles?

Aluminum extrusions are lightweight, durable, and versatile, and are the most widely used non-ferrous metal material with an ever-expanding range of applications

Rock-solid support – Hexagonal aluminum profiles for unwavering project stability

In the field of engineering and construction, where the integrity of structures is paramount, the choice of materials plays a central role. Hexagonal aluminum profiles have become unsung heroes, providing unwavering support to projects that demand exceptional stability and durability. These extruded aluminum profiles are meticulously engineered to possess a hexagonal cross section, a marvel [...]

Lightweight and robust – Aluminum hexagon – The perfect balance

An introduction In the field of materials science, the search for materials combining exceptional properties has led to the emergence of hexagonal aluminum. This extraordinary alloy stands out as the epitome of lightness and strength, achieving an unrivaled balance that meets the requirements of various applications. Unparalleled lightness One of the The most notable characteristics [...]

Innovative design ideas using special aluminum profiles

Special aluminum profiles have become versatile and innovative materials in the construction and architecture sectors. Their unique characteristics, such as durability, strength, lightness and corrosion resistance, make them ideal for creating distinctive and functional designs. This article explores innovative design ideas that exploit the exceptional properties of special aluminum profiles, transforming spaces into captivating and [...]

How to optimize your design with special aluminum profiles

Customized aluminum profiles offer a versatile and efficient solution to optimize your design in various industries. By taking advantage of their unique properties and tailoring them to your specific needs, you can achieve improved performance, aesthetics and profitability. Here is a complete guide to optimizing your design with specialty aluminum profiles: Enhanced structural integrity Custom [...]

Maintenance Tips for Structures with Curved Aluminum Extrusions

Curved aluminum extrusions are an integral part of various architectural structures, due to their exceptional aesthetics, durability and versatility. However, maintaining these structures to preserve their integrity and longevity requires special attention and care. Cleaning and inspection Regular cleaning: Remove dirt, debris and pollutants from Curved aluminum surfaces using a mild detergent solution and soft [...]

DIY for less – Upgrade projects with stylish and affordable hexagonal profiles

DIY in No Time: Elevate Your Projects with Affordable Hexagon Profiles Embark on a journey of lower-cost home improvements with “DIY in No Time: Upgrade Projects level with elegant and affordable hexagonal profiles. This innovative guide allows DIYers to transform ordinary spaces into visually captivating havens, all on a budget. From wall accents to furniture [...]





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