What is broken bridge heat insulation aluminum profile ?

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The principle of broken bridge heat insulation aluminum alloy is to put in heat insulation strip in the middle of aluminum profile, break the aluminum profile to form a broken bridge, effectively preventing the conduction of heat. The thermal conductivity of heat-insulating aluminum alloy profile doors and windows is 40-70% lower than that of non-heat-insulating aluminum alloy profile doors and windows.

Broken bridge aluminum made of doors and windows frames and fans, equipped with insulating glass, hardware, screens, glass glue, styrofoam, sealing strips, etc., so that the processing of windows and doors made of gateway, known as the broken bridge heat-insulating aluminum alloy doors and windows.The two sides are made of aluminum, and the middle is made of plastic profile cavity as heat break material. This innovative structural design takes into account the advantages of both plastic and aluminum alloy materials, and simultaneously meets a variety of requirements for decorative effect and strength and aging resistance of doors and windows.

Analysis of the advantages of broken-bridge thermal insulation aluminum:

1. Broken bridge heat insulation aluminum heat preservation and insulation is good. The use of heat-insulating profiles inside and outside the frame of the soft combination, the frame is sealed with a EPDM sealing strip, closed tightly, airtight, watertight performance is excellent, superior thermal insulation performance;

Sash using hollow glass structure, so that the windows really show sound insulation, heat insulation, heat preservation, functional excellence, numerous savings in ambient temperature and refrigeration costs, the coefficient of heat transfer K value detected by the 2.23-2.94w / 2K Below, the energy saving effect is remarkable, and the energy saving cost in a few years is enough to make up for the investment in the early stage.

2. Broken bridge heat insulation aluminum waterproof function. Utilizing the principle of pressure balance design structural drainage system, set up drainage port, smooth drainage, watertight.

3. Broken bridge aluminum heat insulation anti-condensation, frost. Bridge-breaking aluminum profiles can achieve three sealing structures for windows and doors, and more can even reach 8 seals, reasonable separation of water vapor chamber, successfully achieve air-water isobaric equilibrium, significantly improve the doors and windows of the moisture-tightness and air-tightness, to achieve the effect of windows clean and bright.

4. Broken bridge heat insulation aluminum anti-mosquito screen design. Invisible screens can be installed inside and outside the choice of use, with anti-mosquito, flies, especially suitable for northern mosquito areas. Anti-theft screen can also be selected, with anti-theft function.

5. Broken bridge heat insulation aluminum anti-theft, anti-loosening device. Equipped with unique hardware locks, to ensure the stability and safety of the windows in use.

6. Broken-bridge heat-insulating aluminum noise and sound insulation. Its structure is carefully designed, tight seams, test results, the air sound insulation amount reaches sound insulation 30 – 40db, can ensure that residents within 50 meters on both sides of the highway are not disturbed by noise, adjacent to the downtown area can also ensure that the indoor tranquility and warmth.

7. Broken bridge heat insulation aluminum wind sand, wind pressure resistance. The inner frame straight material adopts hollow design, strong deformation ability against wind pressure and good anti-vibration effect. It can be used in high-rise buildings and civil residences, and can be designed with large window area and lighting area; the airtightness of this kind of window is better than that of any aluminum or plastic window, and it can ensure that there is no dust on the indoor window sill and the floor in the area of strong wind and sand.

8. Broken-bridge heat-insulating aluminum has high strength and is maintenance-free. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows body tensile and shear strength and resistance to thermal deformation ability of high strength, durable broken bridge aluminum profiles are not easy to acid and alkali erosion, not easy to turn yellow and fade, almost no need for maintenance.

9. The various colors of broken-bridge heat-insulating aluminum are highly decorative. Different colors of indoor and outdoor surfaces of doors and windows can be achieved to meet the customers’ preference for color effect, color space aesthetics, and meet the personalized design requirements of architects. Aluminum profile adopts streamlined design, luxurious styling.

10. Broken bridge heat insulation aluminum green building materials, circular economy. Broken bridge aluminum doors and windows in the production process not only does not produce harmful materials, all materials can be recycled and reused, is a green building materials and environmental protection products, in line with the sustainable development of mankind.

Broken-bridge aluminum doors and windows open in many forms, comfortable and durable. There are casement type, inward tilting type, upward hanging type, push-pull type, casement and inward tilting and composite type, etc., applicable to public buildings, residential districts and municipal projects; High-quality hardware fittings and accessories durability, humanized design of the operating handle, beautiful and comfortable, easy and flexible to open.

Each use of the action has been examined, fatigue test times of tens of thousands of times or more, sliding easily and freely, soundless, mature and perfect processing technology of doors and windows, high precision program control processing center for production, stable quality, stable and durable, and the quality and quality of the products is in line with the development of mankind. Mature and perfect door and window processing technology, high precision program control machining center for production, stable and guaranteed quality.

Pros and Cons of broken bridge aluminum profiles?

1) Profile wall thickness: generally do home furnishing products, doors and windows factory most of the products selected out of the high rate of products that is the wall thickness is relatively thin products to reduce the cost, 1.3 thick is lower than the national standard. National standard: profile thickness should be greater than or equal to 1.4mm.

2) thermal bar: thermal bar so that the most critical part of the broken aluminum profile, must use PA66 nylon, which is the national standard, but the current renovation market, many manufacturers use cheap PVC plastic thermal bar, which will seriously affect the service life of the product and safety.





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