How to buy aluminum alloy doors and windows?

  • By:Naview
  • Date:2023-12-20

Aluminum alloy doors and windows are currently more popular in the decoration of a kind of doors and windows, which is the choice of the vast majority of families.
First, aluminum alloy doors and windows are selected according to different profiles, in addition, our country has special requirements for the wall thickness of the profile of the building’s exterior windows, according to the latest national standard, the wall thickness of the exterior window profile needs to be not less than 1.8mm.
Aluminum alloy doors and windows can be divided into ordinary aluminum alloy doors and windows and broken bridge aluminum alloy doors and windows. Aluminum alloy can be divided into ordinary aluminum alloy and broken aluminum alloy according to its profile characteristics. The main differences are
👉 Ordinary aluminum profile: the profile is a whole, there is no disconnection in the middle and heat transfer, and heat dissipation is faster.
👉 Broken bridge aluminum profile: profile as a whole, the middle with heat insulation (with or without this heat insulation is to distinguish between ordinary aluminum profile and broken bridge aluminum profile mark) connection, connection to form a three-layer air layer, inside and outside the conductor, inside and outside the temperature difference is not the same, has a better acoustic and thermal insulation properties, thus interrupting the indoor and outdoor heat conduction “bridge” can effectively prevent the heat from entering the room in summer. It can effectively prevent the high temperature from entering the room in summer and the warm air from running outside in winter.

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Second, aluminum alloy windows and doors open the way
According to the different ways of opening, aluminum alloy doors and windows can be divided into three categories: sliding windows, casement windows, and top-hung windows. Among them, sliding windows and casement windows are the most common in home decoration. Sliding windows are doors and windows that can be pushed on a track.
👉 Sliding windows: there are left and right, up and down two types of sliding, you can choose the appropriate sliding method according to the size ratio of the window.
The advantages of sliding windows open in a plane, take up less space, can be opened to a large area, have good ventilation, have easy installation of screens, and so on. Disadvantages: two windows can not be opened at the same time, at most can only be opened in half, relatively poor ventilation, poor sealing, and easy to leak wind and water to the interior when encountering heavy wind and rain.
👉 Casement windows are divided into external and internal casement windows, internal casement windows are convenient to wipe the window, and external casement windows do not occupy space. But according to the national regulations more than 7 floors must be used to ensure the safety of internal windows. The advantages of casement windows are good vision, good sealing, sound insulation, and heat insulation function is excellent. The disadvantage is that the outer casement window has the risk of window falling, and the inner casement window will occupy indoor space.

Selection of good system doors and windows are used inside and outside the frame fan flush design, tidy appearance, the whole frame 45-degree splicing flush beveled three-dimensional fashion, with simple lines, minimalist collocation to show a simple and uncomplicated design style, highlighting the three-dimensional hierarchical sense of the whole door and window. System doors and windows of the large area of minimalist floor-to-ceiling glass, so that the house has a broader vision, creating a sense of separation and beauty, in the home can also enjoy the beauty of the window!





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