Industrial Aluminium Profiles

Industrial Aluminium Profile Features

Whether in gas or liquid environments, industrial aluminium profiles have excellent corrosion resistance.

Good thermal conductivity (thermal conductivity of about 237 W/(m·K)) and electrical conductivity (electrical conductivity of about 37 x 10^6 S/m) performance, so that aluminium can be used in some industrial sectors with high requirements for heat dissipation or electrical conduction.

The characteristics of being easy to process and customize allow industrial aluminium profiles to take various shapes and sizes through cutting, welding, stamping, and other methods. Surface treatments such as anodizing and coating enhance surface hardness, wear resistance, and decorative effects.

For some electronic devices or laboratory equipment that is sensitive to magnetic fields, aluminium’s non-magnetic makes it an ideal choice.

Aluminium is also a recyclable material, which is recycled in the industrial field and saves resources.

Thanks to these features of aluminium, it can be made into standard profiles, T-slots, solar panels, heatsinks, auto parts, aluminium formwork, bars, tubes, etc., which are used in industrial, building, aerospace and other fields.



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