How do I install window and door corner codes?

  • By:Naview
  • Date:2024-03-13

In the home installation, will use a lot of small parts, these parts can play a great use. The use of doors and windows can play a good role in “guarding” the role of doors and windows, which consists of ninety-degree right-angled components, according to different doors and windows need to be different forces can choose different models of doors and windows corner code. Doors and windows are mostly used for aluminum alloy doors and frames of the connectors, from the material, doors and windows are divided into two types of corner code: plastic corner code and aluminum alloy corner code.
Plastic corner code:
Characterized by very lightweight and affordable. Plastic itself has a certain degree of resilience, in a substantial switch windows and doors can play a certain role in buffering, with excellent shock absorption, sound damping function.
The disadvantage is that the heat resistance is poor, the temperature is slightly higher will be deformed, easy to burn, and easy to fall off.
Aluminum alloy corner code:
Characterized by stable material, strong weather resistance, not easy to deform, long service life; waterproof, sound insulation effect is more significant.
Nowadays, aluminum alloy corner code is generally divided into 3 kinds: ordinary aluminum corner code, integral corner code, glue injection corner code. Each kind of corner code has different effects.
Glued corner code is the more common use of doors and windows corner code. Cast aluminum infused into, the overall strength of the enhancement, the beauty of the corner joints has also been greatly improved; and the internal infusion groove, spelled after the injection of glue, the gel will fill the corner code through the infusion groove will be two pieces of the corner code to the outward expansion of the splicing is more tight; sealing, waterproofing have been greatly enhanced.

Corner code refers to the aluminum door door and frame of the connectors, generally made of aluminum, glue, zinc and other materials. At present, all aluminum door enterprises mainly use aluminum corner code, then how to install the door and window corner code?
1)Installation with base plate:
First of all, you need to adjust the verticality and level, and then brush white latex on the back of the main board of the door frame, and use straight gun nails or self-tapping screws to fix it on the bottom board of the door opening.
2)Installation with styrofoam:
The main board of the door frame is put in the door hole, adjust the verticality and level, use straight nails or self-tapping screws plus pads or corner yards for positioning, use the pole to support the bottom and middle part of the main board, and finally use the styrofoam to fill and fix it.
3)Installation with angle yards or screws:
The main board of door frame is placed in the door hole, adjust the verticality and level, use straight gun nails or self-tapping screws plus mat board or corner code can be fixed directly on the wall.
A door or window corner code is a small element used specifically as protection for doors and windows. In the absence of the use of doors and windows before the corner code, the opening and closing of doors and windows will inevitably have an impact on the windows and doors, and over time damage to the windows and doors, reducing the service life of the windows and doors. By binding them to the doors and windows they can easily dampen the shock and firm up the doors and windows. The emergence of doors and windows corner code so that we do not have to worry about this problem. Doors and windows corner code although the device is small, the credit is really great.





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