How to choose which kind of interior door?

  • By:Naview
  • Date:2024-06-25

Sliding doors are most commonly used in partition, in addition to sliding doors are widely used in bookcases, wall cabinets, living rooms, showrooms, sliding doors and so on. The traditional sliding door began to use the ground track, and now with the increasing enhancement of technology, the emergence of hanging track door (hanging door), hanging door is a kind of door using the upper suspension wheel support sliding door, this kind of door is open when the noise is low, no threshold, visually feel the atmosphere is beautiful.
Minimalist style narrow hanging track sliding door
With the partition decoration market hot, most residential households in the kitchen and sun will choose to do partition, aluminium alloy sliding door has become the darling of the door and window industry, it has almost become the standard of the kitchen, bathroom, balcony partition. It is not only economical and practical, but also greatly improve the value of the house! So what are the common types of sliding doors?
a. If the opening of the bathroom is relatively small, it can be made into a single sliding door. Single track sliding, a door is able to push and pull the switch left and right, taking up less space. With a door to separate it from the main hall, not only a good division of regional space, but also the bathroom to form a closed space.
b. Many kitchens use hollow frosted glass material sliding door, so that the dining room can achieve the role of sound insulation, the kitchen also has a certain role of heat preservation, the entire kitchen and dining room light opaque. This design is very simple and light, the kitchen space and dining room effectively separated, so that the kitchen space is more independent and hidden. In the past two years, the popularity of no longer using frosted, but the use of large permeability of white glass, so that the overall visual open, walking light luxury minimalist style, with a calm black, highlighting a different self; the above picture of the sliding door of the hanging cabinets of the Bamboo such a design to attract numerous young customers.
The study can also use this high permeability rate of minimalist luxury style sliding doors
c. Balcony partition will generally use three types of sliding doors, light balcony sliding doors, heavy balcony sliding doors and ultra-heavy-duty balcony sliding doors of these three kinds;

  • Light balcony sliding door, suitable for ordinary residential areas and villas of the bedroom small balcony, the selection of profiles will not deliberately thicken (generally 2.0mm), the frame width is generally 90mm (90 series).
  • Heavy-duty sliding door for high-grade high-rise district, villa balcony entrance door, for high-rise districts, the most important point of the balcony door is the wind pressure. The air flow of high-rise households is greater, the wind level is higher, so the balcony door of high-rise households generally need to consider this point. So the thickness of the profile will choose about 2.5mm, and the width of the frame to choose more than 120mm.
  • Super heavy-duty aluminium alloy balcony sliding door is suitable for the garden door of high-grade houses and villas. Because of its own weight than ordinary balcony sliding door is also heavy, so the door frame, door, profile thickness and the degree of the requirements of the guide rail is higher; Moe new home of a super-heavy profile using 3.0mm, the frame width of 170mm; in addition to the glass configuration and hardware will be customized according to the customer.




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