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luminum windows manufacturing management control system has been established for more than 10 years in NAVIEW. We are able to provide order tracking service from the beginning to the end: design, extrusion, fabrication, powder coating/anodization, packaging, and transportation, it allows us to deliver timely communication process and quality aluminium silding windows and doors, and it is why our customers collaborate with us for more and more global projects.

NAVIEW is a Chinese premier International Architectural aluminium sliding windows & doors solution specialist, dedicated to global areas building material markets, Australia, Canada, and the USA, and so on. The agency has constantly been dedicated to aluminium casement windows suppliers the world with the very best excellent door and window systems, the use of exceptional technological know-how to convey pleasant stability, finest performance, the scientific graph of door and window merchandise for the world. it continues to introduce superior scientific and technological tools for technological innovation and develops a sequence of merchandise appreciated by way of customers from all walks of life, together with damaged bridge doorways and windows, profiles, accessories, and technical services, to meet users’ desires for high-tech doorways and windows.

On the market of a product of building door window, aluminum alloy door window gets favor in building engineering domain. Aluminum alloy Windows according to the classification of the opening of the push aluminium sliding windows, aluminium casement windows, aluminum alloy fixed Windows, and aluminum awning windows(top-hung window、center-pivoted windows and hopper windows), according to the material classification of aluminum alloy doors and Windows and heat insulation aluminium windows and doors, basic doors and Windows by the frame, fan, glass, hardware accessories, sealing materials, etc. Combination door window by two above basic door window is combined with the mix of material of door or window frame to become other form or connect window or door. The surface layer is treated through multiple oxidation processes, showing a bright and shiny. The window sash frame is large, can be inlaid larger area of glass, so that indoor light is sufficient and bright, enhanced between indoor and outdoor facade virtual and real contrast, let the bedroom more rich levels. The aluminum alloy window has beautiful, sealed, high strength, in the home outfit, commonly used aluminum alloy doors and Windows encapsulate the balcony.

Doors and Windows market appears broken bridge aluminum alloy insulation doors and windows, and Windows on the market at that time of high-grade doors and Windows products. High strength insulation and thermal insulation synthetic materials are used in the middle of profile design, and high and new technologies such as powder spraying, fluorocarbon spraying, and resin thermal printing are used for surface treatment. Can meet the kaleidoscope of color collocation needs. Its outstanding advantages are lightweight, high strength, good water, and airtightness, good fire resistance, large lighting surface, atmospheric corrosion resistance, long service life, good decorative effect, good environmental performance. Advocate the development of green energy, which will create a warm and comfortable, environmentally healthy living environment for you!



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