What are the classification and characteristics of metal lines?

  • By:Naview
  • Date:2021-05-13

Metal lines can be divided into aluminum alloy lines, copper alloy lines, stainless steel lines, and other types according to the material, and metal decorative lines, also known as metal lines, mainly play the role of cover seam and decoration. Divide the Yin Angle, Yang Angle, I, closing, flat and other models, many specifications, the material can be based on aluminum alloy. It is often used for pushing and pulling grooves of glass doors, window frames, decorative plates, carpets, wall hard packages, and other decorative details. It has the advantages of strong decorative, moistureproof, anti-collision, convenient installation, and so on. Compared with stainless steel lines, it is more modern, it is tougher, the surface is smooth and clean as a mirror, and is widely used in modern style decoration.

Various specifications of metal decorative lines, respectively, cantilever eaves line, waistline, window sill line, door and window cover, top pressure, shading arc, stair single, propaganda column frame, picture frame lines. Metal decorative lines are usually used at the junction of different materials, such as the bedroom is a wood floor, the corridor is ceramic tile, in the junction of two kinds of materials, it is necessary to use aluminum alloy plate seam; Still have metope modeling, after the part that rises above metope is closed with the closing line, covered the multilayer material section on the modeling edge, have beautification effect.

In terms of its specifications, metal decorative lines are based on the design requirements or the function of local conditions and can be customized for sale. Aluminum alloy decorative lines in the decoration are to play a beautiful role. Aluminum alloy decorative lines as decorative details of the production of the closing closed door, window frame set the internal structure. At the same time, it plays the role of color transition and coordination in the interior and uses metal lines to match the adjacent color differences harmoniously, thus playing a decorative role. Aluminum alloy decorative thread price is not expensive, decorative effect is obvious, giving a person a unique texture.





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