What respect is t-solt industrial aluminum profile specific application in?

  • By:Naview
  • Date:2021-04-23

Since 2000, the stable, continuous, and rapid development of China’s national economy and high and new technology has promoted the rapid development of China’s aluminum smelting and aluminum profile processing industry. The T-slot industrial aluminum profile has a wide range of application fields and strong versatility. It is famous for its environmental protection, convenient assembly, and disassembly, time-saving, and long service life. T-slot industrial aluminum has many varieties and complete specifications, and it is suitable for application in the production line, production line operating table, office partition, screen, industrial fence, and various frames, display racks, shelves, mechanical dust sealing cover, and other types of mechanical devices.No welding, easy to adjust the size, easy to change structure; Dimensional tolerance requirements, high surface finish requirements; Assembly work is convenient and quick, with high productivity.

Its characteristics are as follows:

1.Nothing but machinery and equipment, many production workshops are all kinds of hardware facilities, such as aluminum profile work station, storage shelves, crate, these production lines, the elevator service platform, there are all kinds of racks, frame shear wall, aluminum doors, aluminum alloy profile safety protective enclosure, mechanical equipment shielding, etc.;

And in the exhibition center to see the decoration partition used to separate different enterprise goods, advertising brand iron frames, the performance stage air iron frame, and so on belong to the scope of industrial production of aluminum profile frames.

2.The T-slot industrial aluminum profile is light in weight and has high strength. For some small and medium-sized fully automatic machines and equipment, it makes a framework to maintain the safety of staff and machines and equipment each other;

The car production line is also the same, the assembly of parts must also be carried out by the production line, the operating table that constitutes the production line is made of aluminum alloy profiles to make the structure; Some monitoring systems have to use cabinets made of aluminum frames to place objects.

3. The robot industry also uses industrial aluminum profiles. Protective sleeves made of aluminum profiles surround the robot to ensure that the robot will not be damaged artificially and ensure safety. There are also many electronics factories, chemical factories, pharmaceutical factories, precision machinery factories, and food factories are very strict hygiene standards, these equipment need industrial aluminum frame protection.





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