How To Choose Cabinet Door Handle?

  • By:Naview
  • Date:2021-07-01

Among all kinds of handle materials, the handle of aluminum door frame extrusion is widely used. It’s economical, solid, and durable. Even if the handle of aluminum cabinet door profiles is used for a long time, it won’t fade. In the process technology, the aluminum extrusion handle is multi-layer electroplating technology, which can make the surface process of the cabinet door handle finer and has good wear resistance.

The handle of aluminum door frame extrusion has a simple and generous shape, good oil resistance, and is suitable for the kitchen, and also convenient for cleaning and maintenance. With the continuous progress of the processing technology of aluminum extrusion handle, the use of handle produced by the aluminum door frame manufactures is more and more widely. The use rate of furniture, cabinets, aluminum alloy doors and windows, indoor door handle locks is higher and higher. Different styles, lengths, and colors can more effectively improve the beauty and practicality of products

The aluminum profile handle of the cabinet body is an integral long g type, and the general material is an aluminum extrusion handle or stainless steel handle. G-type handle of aluminum door frame extrusion is often used for cabinet doors of cabinets, lockers, and other furniture. With a groove design, the cabinet door can be opened more easily, and it is very suitable for the environment with a lot of oil in the kitchen.

The handle of the G-shaped aluminum cabinet door profile is a bar, and the handle part of the aluminum profile is a C-shaped groove for users to push and pull; There are many sizes of cabinet door panels, especially in the custom furniture industry. Cabinet door panels are often designed into different sizes according to the space size. the application of G-type aluminum handles becoming more and more widely for they can make furniture more fashionable and users easier to grasp and push. 

The utility model relates to the handle of G-shaped aluminum cabinet door profile, which is characterized in that it comprises a bar handle body and plugs on both sides of the handle body; The handle body is provided with a C-shaped groove to form a handle part; The plug comprises a sealing plate which is installed on the outside of the handle body; The side of the sealing plate close to the handle body is provided with a “C” shaped protrusion, and a convex cover is arranged on the C-shaped groove wall to realize the fixing of the plug on the handle body.

The aluminum door frame manufacturers overcomes the shortcomings of the existing technology and provides a solid plug in the handle, which can be connected to the aluminum extrusion body with good mechanical strength and is not easy to be damaged in the assembly process.

The plug which is conducive to smooth assembly can be firmly connected with the handle body with good mechanical strength and is not easy to be damaged in the assembly process, It is conducive to the smooth assembly. Aluminum extrusion handle manufacturers will recommend appropriate styles according to the size of customers, and can also process customized styles required by customers.





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