Wish you peace and health on Dragon Boat Festival

  • By:Naview
  • Date:2021-07-01

The Dragon Boat Festival and the Spring Festival, Tomb-sweeping Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and known as China’s four traditional festivals, the name of the Dragon Boat Festival in China all traditional festivals called the most, nearly up to more than 20 names, Duanyang Festival, Dragon Boat Festival, Tianzhong Festival, etc. The word “end” has the meaning of “initial”, so the “end five” is the “fifth”, and according to the calendar in May is the “noon” month. Therefore, the “Dragon Boat Festival” has gradually evolved into today’s “Dragon Boat Festival.”

The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional habit of the Chinese people for more than two thousand years, but there are differences in the content or details of the customs around the country due to different regional culture, so the Dragon Boat Festival custom content is rich and colorful, these festival customs around the dragon offering, blessing, and other forms of disaster, placing the people welcome auspicious blessing, evil spirits in addition to the desire of disaster. Two of its symbolic customs are raking dragon boats and eating zongzi.

The raking dragon boat is a multi-person collective paddling competition. The dragon boat race, accompanied by noisy Shouting, goes through the dark streets and alleys hung with wormwood. Speaking of the taste of zongzi, each region’s traditions are different, each family’s habits are different, everyone’s preferences also have their strengths, from the taste points, zongzi salty zongzi and sweet zongzi two categories, different flavor, thick Dragon Boat Festival zongzi incense. This ray of Dragon Boat Festival reed incense ah, leisurely floating, floating for thousands of years.

About the legend of the Dragon Boat Festival, the most recognized is to commemorate Qu Yuan. The old man said: zongzi clear edges and corners, a symbol of Qu Yuan’s upright character; The white glutinous rice represents his unstained quality out of the mud. ‘And that red date is Qu Yuan’s pure heart to the state of Chu.”Zongzi incense, incense kitchen, artemisia, incense, peach sticks inserted in the door, go out looking at wheat son yellow……”The song of the Dragon Boat Festival resounded in Qu Yuan’s hometown.

The tragic and stirring legend, stay sweet wormwood, flying dragon boat, sweet dumplings……Every element of the Dragon Boat Festival makes people feel the profound accumulation and inheritance of culture. Let us not forget to uphold the traditional Chinese culture and look back at our ancestors from time to time to send condolences when we move forward to happiness.

The Dragon Boat Festival is fragrant with brown seeds. The dragon boat race is busy. It’s necessary to step on the green boat as soon as possible. Artemisia argyi hangs on the door. Finally, I wish you a happy Dragon Boat Festival!





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