Which Is Better-Casement Windows or Sliding Windows ?

  • By:Naview
  • Date:2022-02-23

Before processing the aluminium window and door frames, it is necessary to select the appropriate aluminium alloy models for the doors and windows, and then make various molds according to the requirements of the doors and windows. The process of making the molds is very important, which is related to the size, shape, and color of the door and window equipment. 


After having the mold and the aluminium alloy, the aluminum alloy raw material can be put in the mold and extruded into the shape of the mold, so that the aluminum profile for doors and windows has the shape we need. The prepared aluminum doors and windows are then affixed with labels and packaging with remarks such as name and shelf life. When designing the shape of doors and windows, it is necessary to consider whether the strength of the aluminum profile conforms to the door and window equipment, and consider the pressure and load that the aluminum profile can withstand, in order to know which alloy is suitable for aluminum.


There are many types of windows, and different occasions require different windows. Even in the same house, there are many choices and installations of windows. Do you know the casement windows? In fact, many people don’t know much about what a casement window is. Which is better between a casement window and a sliding window?

What is a casement window ?

The advantage is that the opening area is large, the ventilation is good, the sealing performance is good, and the sound insulation, heat preservation, and impermeability are excellent. The inward opening type is convenient for cleaning windows; the outward opening type does not occupy space when opened. The disadvantage is that the window width is small and the field of vision is not wide. Opening a window outside the wall takes up a space outside the wall, and it is easily damaged when there is a strong wind; while a window opening inside takes up part of the interior space, and it is inconvenient to use screen windows, and it is also inconvenient to use screen windows and curtains when opening windows. , If the quality is not good enough, it may seep rain.



What is a sliding window ?

The advantages are simple and beautiful, large window width, large glass block, wide field of vision, high lighting rate, easy to clean glass, flexible use, safety and reliability, long service life, opening in one plane, occupying less space, convenient installation of screen windows, etc. At present, the most used is the sliding window. The disadvantage is that the two windows cannot be opened at the same time, only half of them can be opened at most, and the ventilation is relatively poor; sometimes the sealing is also slightly poor.


 Which is better: casement windows or sliding windows ?

The performance of the casement window is better than that of the sliding window, but the sliding window is better than the casement window in production and operation. For this reason, casement windows are widely used in urban commercial and residential buildings, office buildings, high-end residences, villas, and other mid-to-high-end buildings; while sliding windows are widely used in industrial plants, rural residences, and other mid-to-low-end buildings. Aluminum alloy doors and windows are classified according to their opening methods. The more popular and practical window types on the market are sliding windows and casement windows. Casement windows refer to doors and windows whose hinges (hinges) are installed on the sides of doors and windows to open inward or outward; Sliding and swinging are compared with the same glass and fittings. Each has its own strengths. The following is a detailed discussion of their respective characteristics in terms of appearance, performance, price, and function of doors and windows.





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