Aluminum Alloy Corner – The Use of Aluminum Alloy Connector

  • By:Naview
  • Date:2022-03-01

Small parts have a big role. In the aluminum frame profile, the parts play a vital role. It is the key to connecting the profiles. The aluminum profile frame is divided into built-in connections and external connections. The correct use of aluminum alloy corner code is used on its external connection. The aluminum alloy corner code is also called aluminum alloy angle fitting, which has superior corrosion resistance.


At the same time, NAVIEW reinforced steel plate structure ensures the hardness of the product. Because the raw material of the aluminum alloy angle code greatly improves the corrosion resistance of the product, it is suitable for use in various damps. Environment, factory floor. Steering angle fittings are a special kind of aluminum profile angle fittings. They are made of aluminum alloys like ordinary angle fittings and three-position angle fittings, but their production process is not extrusion but dies casting.


Steering angle pieces are mostly used on equipment frames to connect two aluminum profiles that are not vertical or horizontal. The steering angle piece has two holes in appearance, which are connected to two industrial aluminum profiles with bolts and nuts respectively. With the steering angle piece, the angle between the two aluminum profiles can be adjusted in price.




Corner codes play the following roles in assembling doors and windows :

1. Install with the bottom plate: adjust the verticality and level, apply white latex on the back of the main board of the door frame, and use straight gun nails or self-tapping screws to directly fix it on the bottom plate of the door hole;

2. Use styrofoam for installation: place the main board of the door frame in the door hole, adjust the verticality and level, use self-tapping screws with the backing plate or corner code for positioning, and use suitable support rods at the bottom and middle of the main board of the door frame to support (to prevent deformation when styrofoam expands), and then use styrofoam to fill and fix;

3. Install with corner code or screws: place the main board of the door frame in the door hole, adjust the verticality and level, and fix it directly on the wall with self-tapping screws with the backing plate or corner code.


High antioxidant capacity and better compatibility. Our aluminum alloy corner code has low cost and shortens the processing cycle. This product is widely used in the processing of aluminum alloy doors and windows, which can directly improve economic benefits for users and reduce the use of aluminum materials on a large scale. Play a certain role for the country to create an energy-saving and environmentally friendly society. There is no secondary processing of aluminum alloy corner code, which saves manpower, material resources, and equipment eliminates cutting loss and waste and saves energy consumption.





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