How to choose the right aluminum alloy doors and windows?

  • By:Naview
  • Date:2023-12-19

1, look at the material: aluminum alloy doors and windows are generally composed of aluminum profiles, glass, and hardware. High-quality aluminum alloy doors and windows, in these three aspects, have a certain attention. Considering the quality of the material, tempered glass is preferred; stainless steel and aluminum alloy door frames and five pieces are also better than ordinary aluminum.

2, look at the processing: good aluminum alloy doors and windows, with fine processing, cut a line straight and smooth, sharp edges, the whole product seams are not obvious, and the sealing performance is good, the switch push and pull not jam. The performance of poor-quality aluminum alloy is not so good. Poor quality aluminum alloy doors and windows, in terms of sealing, will be a big flaw, leakage, and leakage of rain, in the role of strong winds, are also prone to the phenomenon of cracking.

3 Look at the appearance: good aluminum alloy doors and windows surface will not have obvious scuffs, scratches, bruises, and other situations; moreover, there will be no color difference, aluminum shavings, burrs, and so on. If the above situation occurs, it can only show that the aluminum alloy doors and windows you buy have great quality problems. Therefore, we should pay close attention to the appearance of the details when purchasing, that is because the details can reflect the process.

Aluminum alloy doors and windows processing steps
1、Preparation of materials: aluminum alloy is very diverse, there are aluminum-silicon alloys, aluminum magnesium alloy, aluminum zinc alloy, etc. Different materials have different properties. And different materials have different properties, you can buy according to demand.

2, break material: its nickname is “material”, this is the first step to building aluminum alloy doors and windows, but also the most critical step. Cutting tools need to be used to break the material, and cutting size according to the design drawings requires accurate cutting, to ensure that the doors and windows of the square, and cutting the size of the error should be controlled within 2mm. For example: sliding doors use the right-angle cutting method; casement doors, then use the 45 ° cutting method.

3, drilling: aluminum doors and windows of the frame, fan connection by screws, so no matter which assembly method, you need to have accurate holes. Aluminum drilling, with a small drill or pistol-type electric brick, can be; the operation of the hand to be stable, and you can avoid drilling crooked. In order to facilitate better operation, you can do pop-up line positioning on the aluminum, with a reference to determine the position.

4, assembly: aluminum alloy doors and windows of the assembly will rely on connectors and screws to complete the end to be. Assembly is divided into 45 °, right angle, and vertical three. If it is connected with horizontal and vertical bars, we should use professional connectors/aluminum angles, and then use bolts for fixing.





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