What is the sliding window size standard?

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  • Date:2023-12-13

The Sliding Window Size Standard

Sliding windows are equipped with pulleys in the window sash in the frame of the track sliding, these curtains are also more flexible, because of the size of the window size, so to install the sliding window, you need to install the right size, the sliding window size is generally how much? How is the sliding window size standard?

Sliding Window

1. General Size of Sliding Window

Sliding window size can be based on the needs of the building and the actual situation, that is to say, the size of the sliding window has no formal regulations, but the ratio of height and width, the general window using the specifications of the high (1.2 ÷ 1.5) × 1.5 (m), high (1.0 ÷ 1.2) × 1.2 (m) of the widest.

This is because the window is too large, which will affect the service life of the window, especially hardware, and other accessories, but if the window is too small, it will lead to the use of sliding windows is not flexible! So sliding window size is not the bigger the better!

2. Sliding Window Size Standard

Usually, we live in a house that uses a window size of about 1.5m * 0.9m, the window from the floor height of about 2.4m.

Of course, different spaces need different window sizes, the following list of different room window sizes is probably:

Living room: 1.5m*1.8m-1.8m*2.1m
Medium-sized bedroom: 1.2m*1.5m-1.5m*1.8m
Large bedroom: 1.5m*1.8m-1.8m*2.1m
Bathroom: 0.6m*0.9m-0.9m*1.4m

In addition to the standard, the sliding window size can be varied according to the specifics of the room, which means that it is not the same as strictly following the sliding window standard to design.

Standard Size Sliding Window

3. Sliding Window Series

80 sliding window series: window widths of 900mm, 1100mm, 1200mm, 1800mm, and 2100mm, the largest can be up to 3300mm, and the height is generally between 1100 mm and 1800 mm.
130 sliding window series: this series can be up to 4000mm * 1600mm. choose to pay attention to the safety, not that the sliding window size is the bigger the better, the safer size is within 1500mm.

If you need bigger sliding windows, you can consider the model of floor-to-ceiling windows with casement windows, and the best way is to let the designer customize the most suitable sliding windows for your home.





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