Buying Tips And Frequent Questions of Aluminum Profiles

  • By:Naview
  • Date:2022-04-01

1. How long is one aluminum profile? What if the required length is special ?

The aluminum profiles are usually packaged at 6 meters per piece and shipped in bundles according to different weights. If the customer needs a special length and the purchased quantity is large, the length can be customized for the customer. If the goods are in stock, the goods will be shipped according to the quantity in the warehouse, and a batch cut in half will be cut free of charge. If the size is accurately cut, the corresponding loss fee will be charged, and it will not be cut if there are special requirements.


2. Can non-standard aluminum profiles be customized ?

Provide non-standard industrial aluminum profile mold opening customization. Customers only need to provide the profile section drawings that need to be customized. After both parties confirm the specific parameters, the mold can be opened, the sample aluminum profiles can be extruded to the customer for confirmation, and mass production can be performed.


3. What is the loss fee for aluminum profiles? What is the cost of aluminum profiles ?

The loss fee refers to the loss of cutting, and the loss of profiles of different specifications is different. The machine fee refers to the product with a minimum order quantity of less than 500kg, which needs to be charged according to the product specification.


4. How long is the delivery time ?

Conventional aluminum profile products are all in stock and are generally shipped from the warehouse after the confirmation day. If it is a processing order, the time needs to be based on the quantity to be processed, and it will be delivered in a short time. If it is a custom-made product with a special profile, the time is relatively long, because the detailed drawing needs to be confirmed with the customer in the middle, and the finished product sample can be mass-produced. The specific time depends on the cooperation with the customer.


5. Do you provide an aluminum profile selection manual and product samples ?

Provide the free electronic version of the aluminum profile selection manual and 20mm samples. It can be used for customer selection reference and actual inspection of our product quality.


6. How to deliver the aluminum profile frame/workbench/fence ?

Customized aluminum frame/workbench/fence or other processed products can be assembled and shipped. It can also be assembled by customers themselves, we can provide technical guidance videos and electronic instructions for installation guidance.





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