Application Scenarios of Aluminum Alloy Profiles In Aerospace Industry

  • By:Naview
  • Date:2022-03-31

There are many materials for aluminum alloy profiles, but 6063 and 6061 are the most used. Most will choose 6063-T5 for a custom aluminum profile frame. There are also a handful of options for 6061 to customize the profile frame. But if you simply need aluminum profiles, most of them specify 6063-T5. Both 6061 and 6063 are aluminum alloys, and aluminum profiles can also be extruded, but they cannot be replaced. 6063 aluminum alloys are better shaped than 6061 aluminum alloys, and their hardness is relatively large. Therefore, most of them will specify 6063-T5 aluminum alloy profiles. Because this profile can be customized for equipment brackets, workbenches, clean sheds, protective fences, and other project frameworks. The 6061 aluminum alloy has certain limitations in terms of hardness and strength.


Naview aluminum alloy profiles have also developed greatly in the aerospace industry because of their lightweight, strong plasticity, corrosion resistance, and easy assembly. Large-scale special aluminum alloy profiles have become one of the important topics of competition in various places. At present, many complex and integral large-scale special aluminum alloy extrusion profiles have become indispensable important structural materials in the aerospace industry. For example, the aluminum plates and aluminum profiles required for each passenger aircraft need about dozens of tons, and the outer shell of each aircraft needs to be made of high-quality aluminum alloy profiles. The frame of the aircraft needs to be covered with aluminum alloy, and the mainframe needs to be supported by extruded profiles…. Many countries have established research institutes to study the application of aluminum profiles in aircraft.



Moreover, these profiles not only widely used in aircraft, but also spacecraft such as rockets and missiles. For example, because of the heat resistance and low-temperature performance of 2219 aluminum alloy, it can be used as a fuel tank for rockets. Another example is the weldability of aluminum alloys, which can also be made into the skeleton of a rocket. In addition to the skeleton and fuel tanks, most of the other structures such as rockets and missiles are also made of aluminum alloys. In addition to the above two, the skeleton of the manned aircraft is made of 2024 and 7075 aluminum alloys. Because these two aluminum alloys have high strength, are lightweight, and are thin in thickness. Aluminum alloy sheets are also frequently used on these objects, such as protective panels, safety devices, thrusters, etc.





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