Aluminium profile manufacturers custom processing aluminium profiles

  • By:Naview
  • Date:2022-05-26

There are countless different manufacturers in the country, and aluminium profile manufacturers are only one of them. Generally, aluminium profile manufacturers are more custom-made aluminium profiles, which can be understood in three parts, one part is customized aluminum profiles, and the other is custom processing aluminium profiles. Some of the profiles are spot aluminium. Of course, the customized aluminium profiles also need to be processed and purchased from stock. 

When custom processing aluminium profiles, we all know that aluminium profiles are extruded, with conventional cross-sections and special profiles. The former has ready-made molds, and the latter requires custom-made new molds. As a basic industrial demand, aluminium profiles show a step-by-step growth every year. In addition to industrial standard aluminium profiles, many customers now customize various aluminium profiles on demand.

The time for customizing the mold is long or short, depending on the difficulty and complexity of the mold section. The customization process can be divided into three steps. First, confirm the drawings, then mold trial production, and the third step is the custom processing of aluminium profiles, which is roughly CNC machining. Later, it will be sent to various surface treatments. After the semi-finished products are completed, they will be assembled according to the customer’s requirements and placed in the warehouse, waiting for the customer to pick up the goods and sell them.

There are many types and models of custom-made aluminium profiles, and processing customization is one of its major features. The finished products are customized according to the needs of customers, giving customers more choices. Hoods, purification workshops, etc. can be customized.





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