Aluminium Picture Window

  • Place of Origin: Foshan, China
  • Temper: 6063-T5
  • Customization: You can contact Facebook business directly or leave a message
  • Surface Treatment: Anodizing, Powder Coating, Wood Grain
  • Time of Delivery: Normally the delivery time is 20-30 working days except some special products which need to be agreed separately.

PRODUCT Description

The picture window (also called fixed window/stationary window) is fixed and never opened. Also, it’s another important function is to make the room brighter and more comfortable.

Picture Window Designs

Various designs are optional and customized, a narrow frame means a larger glass size for light and view, optimizing the minimalism.

1) Picture window with awning window.

2) Picture window with double-hung flankers.

3) Picture window with grids.

4) Picture window with side windows.


Picture windows are suitable for home, office, hotel, and any premises serving as a decoration, sightseeing view, and sauce of natural light. It can be alone, or together with another type of window to make the whole window looks better and let more light flow in.


Different designs of windows not only make it look different but also have different functions and performance.

Double fixed glazed/glass ensures better soundproof and heat insulation performance, which is energy-saving.

The ultraviolet-proof film attached to the glass protects your eyes from the harm of ultraviolet rays while still make the room bright.

The excellent sealing structure ensures the perfect air and water tightness performance. Suitable surface treatment for different climates makes the window lifetime durable.

Picture Windows Process

Window QC Progress

1) The frame should be clean, smooth, consistent color, with no corrosion, scratch. Size tolerance should be less than 1mm.

2) Rubber Seal strip should be flat, with no warped edge, not of the gap.

Guarantee of Aluminium Picture Window

Online Technical Support & Return and Replacement & Free windows Spare Parts.

For Glass

Free return for insulated glass which is scratched.

Free return for laminated glass which has a bubble in PVB resin.

Color & Finishes of Picture Window

1) >45 micron PVDF(carbon-clouridecoated) Coating.

2) >10 microns anodizing, provides 10-year guarantee aluminum profile finish.

NAVIEW factory fixed window frame color: White/Silver/Grey/Champagne/Wood Grain, etc. Also, custom picture windows color could be chosen from our list. Semi-Custom Colors would need more production lead times.

Fixed Glazing Details

1) Single tempered glass: 5mm/6mm/8mm/10mm/12mm;

2) Double tempered glass: 5/6+12A+5/6mm, 5/6+22A+5/6mm;

3) Triple tempered glass: 5+12A+5+12A+5mm

Fixed Glass Window

Aluminium Fixed Window Extrusion Frame

Imported German 6060-T6/Chinese 6063-T5

Windows Packaging Process

Step 1. Corners are wrapped in cardboard from collision damage.

Step 2. Frames are wrapped by protective tape from scratches.

Step 3. Fix window & doors on pallets by all. strips.

Step 4. Reinforce windows & doors with plastic belts.

Step 5. PE films cover to keep seawater away.

Step 6. Tie up pallets in containers with plastic belts.

Step 7. Fill in space between every two pallets with airbags to keep them stable.

Calculation Method:

High × Width +  SQM² × Constant Unit Price + Open door price


1)indoor door: 900mm×2200mm,

2)indoor bathroom door: 800mm×2200mm

3)Double door: 1300mm×2200mm or 1500mm×2200mm,

Double-open letter door width will be a little smaller, generally 1200mm×2200mm or width in about 1300mm.

If there is a door head, then the height is generally about 2700mm.  The width and height of the window are more arbitrary, and the window size is generally planned according to the overall design of the exterior wall.  The comparison of Windows is also a foil to the exterior decoration effect.

Windows Prices

The more aluminum casement information we know, the more Integrated solution & accurate quotation could be sent with the help of our design and engineer dept.

There are also relevant standards and corresponding grading indexes in air sound insulation performance, heat preservation performance, and lighting performance of building doors and Windows.  Accordingly, on the choice of door or window, should use the factor such as required according to the height of each area climate, building, room.  The fixed window is to uses sealant to install the glass in the window frame, only used for lighting and not open the ventilated window, in the home to use such a window is not particularly much.  This kind of window can also be installed in the open way of flat doors and Windows and sliding doors above the window, that is, the dead lattice is just a piece of glass single boring window is a live window with a sash that combination of the window is two or more fixed window and single boring window combination, we usually say that the sealed window.  On the one hand, the product is safer and you don’t have to worry about a subsequent fall. On the other hand, the sealed Windows may cause the indoor air to not circulate.  In the above quotation, open a window that has a flat and a fixed, so this is a picture(fixed) window or casement Windows, from the centerline of the window frame according to the flat open and picture(fixed) calculated separately, measured at the open in the direction of the open, fixed valuation type picture(fixed) window just represent a window open situation because there are a lot of open means such as window casement Windows, sliding windows, turn side window, flat open Windows, bifold Windows, etc. If the flat part of the window and the fixed part are separated and connected by connecting bars, they should be calculated separately. Batch customized or sales of aluminum profiles, provide direct drawings, our staff one-to-one service docking.

Installation method of the picture(fixed) window: 

1) Install the top first, insert the screen frame into the upper track first, then push the screen frame upward, and at the same time bend and deform the screen frame, and load the lower window frame into the lower track.

2) the general window screen installation is the first top head and then put the bottom head on the window screen track.  If it is not installed into the window, you see if the slot on the top of the screen is not on the top of the frame.  If there is a hand electric drill, it is OK to fix the screws in the four corners of the Samana

3) Remove the two irons first, first let the top into the groove, and then put the bottom.  Finally, press the iron on it.





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