Custom Aluminium Louver Fence Panel

  • Finish Colour :Black、Brown or Customize colours
  • Aluminium Finish:PVDF/Wooden Pattern
  • Temper:6063-T5
  • Application:Outdoor, garden, yard, residential etc
  • MOQ:50 Square Meter
  • Size:Customized Size
  • Regular production time:15-20days

PRODUCT Description

Use Precautions for Aluminium Fence
1. Before installing the aluminium fence, customize the aluminium fence and choose the right size according to the needs of the building.
2. During the installation process, it should be noted that the fence needs to maintain a certain gap around the fence so that the fence material can freely expand and contract when the temperature changes to ensure the integrity and stability of the fence.

This is made from high strength, long-lasting 6063 aluminium, it’s innovative, architectural and offers the latest design that allows visual screening and ample air flows. Easy to install privacy aluminum slat fence system is tough, long-lasting, low maintenance and can be adapted to suit a wide variety of applications such as a garden feature, a privacy screening system, louder, a sunshade or can be adapted to a wide range of applications limited only by your imagination. Made from high strength, long-lasting aluminum is available in several different colour options to suit your yard, balcony or courtyard area.

Aluminum fence is a combination of many railings, so you need to measure the length between the columns to determine how many railings are used in this zone, and then measure the thickness of the fence, which is its width, use a tape measure to measure the width at different points of the fence, take the width value of the small as the width data, and then draw a sketch, and then design it for further refinement of the operation.
Correctly measure the size of aluminum fence choose a good measuring tool.
1. Tape measure is one of them, mainly to measure the length and height;
2. Level is used to measure the horizontal position, to improve the accuracy of construction, the installation effect will be better.

Customers can draw the actual sketch size breakdown of the site according to the actual wall points on the site, especially the distance between columns and columns, and remove the dust, oil and other impurities on the surface of the columns before measurement to ensure the accuracy of measurement. Determine the measurement points of the column section as needed, these points can be the edges of the section, diameter, etc. Place the gauge on the designated measuring points, making sure that it is perpendicular to the cross-section. Carefully read the scale on the gauge and measure the diameter of the section. And record it for drawing the site plan.





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