All Aluminium

All aluminum household products have successfully entered people’s lives, some people may have the existence of such products in their homes. In different cases, the types of all-aluminum household products are not the same. All aluminum home products cover all-aluminum cabinets, all-aluminum bathroom cabinet, all-aluminum wardrobe, all-aluminum wine cabinet, all-aluminum bookcase, all-aluminum shoe cabinet, all aluminium balustrade Extrusions profiles, and other products, all-aluminum home and traditional wood plate home comparison, has the incomparable advantages of waterproof, fire, mildew, moth-proof, crack prevention and so on.

All aluminum home products, all-aluminum cabinet design is good, not only reasonable use of the kitchen space but also very beautiful and practical. The aluminum wardrobe in the design is also more beautiful, the sense of design and shape is good, the process is also more delicate. The all-aluminum wine cabinet has a lot of advantages, not only reasonable structure, its process is relatively simple, convenient installation. The all aluminium balustrade Extrusions features a thin railing that is easy to install and reasonably blended with the aluminum frame, enhancing the balance and safety of the track. All-Aluminium Profile Manufacturers provide quality solutions according to different performances.

There is an all-aluminum storage cabinet series, all-aluminum tea table series, all-aluminum shoe cabinet series, all-aluminum flower trough series, ultrasonic integrated sink series, and so on a number of choices. All-Aluminium Profile Manufacturers according to personal preference customized mass production. These products are most affordable to use in hotels, apartments, and other engineering places.

Features of all aluminum furniture:

A. The cost is not high and the installation is simple

The cost of an all-aluminum home is relatively low, the price is not expensive, and it can be installed very quickly and effectively, just need to saw the material, and then join it together. The color options are also varied

B. Variable shapes

All aluminum household is a very fashionable choice now, mainly because it is composed of a variety of profiles, design, and modeling can be diversified, almost all household products can be made.

C. Strong structure

The structure of this material is very firm, the seam between the laminates is small, and the load-bearing force is good, and the assembly is firm and firm.

D, green environmental protection zero formaldehyde

Aluminum alloy furniture not only has a very good decorative, its environmental protection is also very high, compared with other furniture materials more or less there will be decoration formaldehyde.

E. Good water resistance

The cabinet of all aluminum homes is not rotten in the long-term underwater bubble, nor will there be mildew and discoloration. The key is that the fire resistance is particularly good and the heat resistance is also good.



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