So what are the steps of deep processing of aluminium profiles?

  • By:Naview
  • Date:2022-06-29

An aluminium profile is a kind of die extruded section profile, which often cannot be put into use directly and needs to be processed by post-processing, such as sawing, punching, milling, stamping, turning, etc. 

1、Sawing: aluminium profiles will be cut using a sawing machine for size, and the length of the cut can be made according to the demand, as well as the end cutting angle. In the CNC sawing machine used by Xinpu Aluminium, sawing accuracy can reach 0.1mm, and the cutout material is flat and smooth without burr.

2, fixed tooling fixture: In the operation of processing aluminum profiles on the machining center, the aluminium profile workpiece is steadily fixed to ensure the processing accuracy of aluminium profiles and avoid processing errors caused by the position shift of aluminium profiles in the process of processing.

3, machining center: according to the actual needs of the user’s operation, programmed on the machining center, programming contains processing steps, these steps are generally completed using CNC aluminum profile CNC machining center, if you need to milling plane is generally first milling plane and then milling slot, punching.

4、Cleaning: Because of the need to constantly spray lubricating oil during processing, resulting in a lot of oil on the aluminium profile just after processing, it is necessary to clean the material, and it needs to be dried after cleaning.

5、Packaging: CNC aluminium profile products are generally not as long as aluminIum profiles, so it is convenient to pack them, and they are generally separated by non-woven fabric, plus pearl cotton packaging, or directly packed with pearl cotton.





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