Details of Industrial Aluminium Profile Product Design

  • By:Naview
  • Date:2022-02-15

Industrial aluminium profiles can be extended into many industrial aluminium profile products. For example, industrial aluminium profile frame, bracket, automatic assembly line workbench, equipment cover and safety fence, etc… Like some of these products in the production before, are required to design and draw out the effect of drawings, after the implementation of installation and use. When we draw the drawings of industrial aluminium profiles, we need to select the specifications of industrial aluminium profiles and design the connection method and structure shape. The technicians need to follow the following points when drawing the industrial aluminium profile product drawings.



One, Specification selection:

Industrial aluminium profile in the selection of the time needs to refer to the industrial aluminium profile cross-section and profile thickness and other detailed details. Because the only way to choose the right industrial aluminium profile specifications so that there will be no industrial aluminum profile waste phenomenon. If the specifications of the aluminum profile are too small, this will lead to good custom industrial aluminum profile products that can not meet the standard, and the bearing capacity is not good, not strong enough and other conditions. If the specifications of the aluminum profile are selected too large, it will also lead to rising product costs and wasted resources.


Second, accessories selection:

Industrial aluminium profiles are generally installed and connected with matching industrial aluminium profile accessories. The connection method is simple, safe, and stable, easy to disassemble and assemble, and easy to maintain later. You can choose the connection method according to your own needs, and the aluminum profile accessories selected for different aluminum connection methods are also different. For example, when making industrial aluminum profile frame products, the internal connection method is generally used.


Third, The practicality of industrial products:

When designing industrial aluminium profile products, the practicability of the product should be considered. It can be designed according to the environment of use. If the design is not standardized, it will not be able to be used together in the future. Products such as industrial aluminium profile workbenches, anti-static workbenches, aluminum profile information display panels, and aluminum profile turnover vehicles should be reasonably designed according to the place of use.


Fourth, the aesthetics of the product :

After considering the above problems, we also need to consider the aesthetics of industrial aluminium products after the design and installation are completed. The stable and symmetrical industrial aluminium profile products can bring us visual enjoyment and help to improve the enthusiasm of the production staff. When designing, the industrial aluminium profile slot can be closed with an aluminum profile end cap. It also protects industrial aluminium profiles while being beautiful.





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