Notices For Choosing 50mm Aluminium Square Tube

  • By:Naview
  • Date:2021-09-10

Many people like to use the 50mm aluminium square tube in their aluminium window applications. They think that aluminium squares are tough enough and the aluminium square tubes will not bend or break in high wind. But, these are really old habits and they need to change. First, when you go out and buy some aluminium window frames, ask yourself what type of wind load will be in your area. If you live in an area where there are many strong winds, then a large aluminium square tube window frame will not work well.


(2) Don’t use thin-walled aluminium profiles and small sections to create balcony aluminium windows. Many of the old methods for fitting aluminium window frames were using narrow profiles and thin-waisted aluminium sections. However, some of the new aluminium profiles for doors and windows design sheets do not use such narrow profiles and thinner-waisted aluminium sections. Therefore, some of these aluminium window frames might not fit onto the old balcony aluminium window openings and some of those gaps might allow cold air to enter the house.


(3) Do not use the traditional aluminium framing method for constructing a wind guardrail. It is usually much too bulky and doesn’t give you the best possible installation conditions. The square tubing that is used to make the balcony guardrail usually has a centre axis. When this is done, it means that the tube also creates a 90 degree bend at one end. This means that any strong winds will simply pass right over the guard rail and then exit the building through the other end. It is very difficult to install a guard rail with this type of construction.


(4) If you are going to use the usual aluminium framing methods for fitting an aluminium square tube, then you should be careful about the installation procedures that you follow. First of all, always be very careful with the position of the braces around the tube and ensure that they are placed at an appropriate level. Never go above the level of the sill – this can lead to serious accidents. Furthermore, always make sure that the brackets on the sides of the balcony aluminium window are installed securely and tightly as well. Remember that we live in highly reflective environments and this will not look so good when the sun is shining directly on the aluminium alloy panels!


The best way to go about fitting an aluminium alloy profile closed balcony is to follow the manufacturers instructions carefully. Don’t just take our word for it. There are many websites that have the information and the videos that you need. This is especially true if you are installing your balcony over a water body like a pond or a lake. Also, make sure that you don’t install the balcony tubes too high above the sill line as this can cause problems later on.


With such a lightweight material such as aluminium, you may wonder why you would need a balcony at all. Well, this is because, with a 50mm aluminium square tube, you can create such a strong frame that is so light that you will barely notice it. You may even have enough space under the aluminium frame to set up an attractive sitting area. All that’s missing from now on is some patio lights and maybe a flower box to fill in the gap. This will give you the ultimate in garden design.





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