May You Need Aluminium Handrail Extrusions

  • By:Naview
  • Date:2021-12-06

Aluminium handrail extrusions are a common component of glass and aluminum railing systems. The material is strong and aesthetically appealing. Its high tensile strength makes it perfect for sturdiness. In addition to providing a classic aesthetic, this type of handrail system is also available in contemporary glass styles. If you are looking for an aluminium handrail, look no further. Naview is a professional manufacturer of aluminium products that are designed and manufactured to meet the needs of any building.


More than 15 years of experience and 2,000 series. As aluminium alloy profile manufacturer, Naview can provide you with a custom-made solution to match your needs. Whether you need a standard handrail or a customized one, Wellste is the company to call. our aluminum handrail and fence extrusion are made from 6063 aluminum alloy. These systems can be painted in any colour you desire.


As we all know, Aluminum handrail is a popular choice in many applications. Other names for aluminium handrail include colour aluminium guardrail. They are easy to install and require no soldering or welding. They are characterized by the simplicity of their design and easy maintenance. They also provide an excellent strength-to-weight ratio and electric conductivity. Besides the advantages listed above, they can also be used to build railing systems for stairs and other high-rise buildings.


Extruded aluminum handrails are made from a single piece of aluminium. Their typical span is six feet. They can be installed as part of a wall, or as a separate structure. They can also be attached to a space station with bolts, nuts, and bolts. These aluminium handrails can be riveted, welded, and brazed. There are many advantages to extruding your aluminium handrail.





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