Different Types of Aluminium Balcony Balustrades

  • By:Naview
  • Date:2021-10-28

Aluminium balcony balustrades are extremely resilient and strong making them a perfect choice for long balconies and outdoor areas. The strength and durability of aluminium make the enclosed area highly secure and safe for the inhabitants. This kind of balustrade is available in different sizes to fit balconies and outdoor areas according to the dimensions of the area. These are available in different materials to match the climatic conditions. However, before you purchase these, there are a few things which you should keep in mind.


Firstly, aluminium balustrade extrusions must be assembled and installed properly. Only a qualified and licensed engineer can install them. Before installing, the structure should be checked for any cracks, holes or deformities. If there are any such defects, then you should mention them to your manufacturer in order to get the infill replaced. The cost of replacement will differ from one manufacturer to another and so will the quality of the infill. The three most common types of aluminium balcony balustrades include single-skin, twin-skin and qualified fiberglass infill.


Single-skin aluminium balcony balustrades consist of single glass panels attached on each end. They are strong but are not as durable as the twin-skin or toughened railings. These are popular options because they are easy to install and are available in various sizes. However, they offer poor security.


Twin-sider or twin-skin aluminium balcony balustrades consist of a handrail and two glass panels. These are the most traditional type of balustrade and they are also quite popular. The problem with twin-sider balustrading is that the panels are very thin which makes the handrail easy to crack during times of bad weather.


Fiberglass-coated railings are also popular for use on aluminium balconies. Fiberglass-coated railings are also available as handrails. The advantage with using these is that they are scratch resistant and won’t dent like other materials. However, their low cost means that they are not as durable as other materials. Another drawback is that they cannot be installed on slippery surfaces. However, some coatings are becoming more durable and less slippery so they are becoming a good alternative.


There are many different types of aluminium balcony balustrades. They are all popular because they offer various benefits. The choice of which one to install is mainly dependent on your requirements and budget. Before you go ahead and purchase any balustrade make sure that you check on its safety and durability. The more expensive ones are usually more durable but they might be more costly as well.





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