Curtain Wall

Aluminum alloy profiles have experienced product quality, specifications, quality, and other aspects of improvement and innovation, widely used in the construction industry, have a unique personality. Due to the higher requirements of modern architecture for the surface imaging quality of curtain wall glass facade, to ensure the quality of glass products and excellent overall imaging effect, our company aluminum curtain wall profile and glass technology are using the original core toughening technology, to achieve higher design requirements. And the common aluminium curtain wall Profile structure form: hidden frame, sub-frame of aluminum sheet,half-hidden frame, clear frame,semi-unitized aluminum curtain wall, all-glass, etc. The aluminum curtain wall can be divided into building curtain wall, component building curtain wall, unitized curtain wall, glass curtain wall, semi-unitized curtain wall, point support glass curtain wall, and so on.

“The building itself is the light”, the architect’s design concept of “humanity in the building” promotion, building more and more to the high-rise, high-grade, multi-functional direction. Architects can design various shapes according to their own needs, can present different colors, and the surrounding environment, with light, so that the building and nature integration so that high-rise building reduce the sense of oppression. Professional aluminum curtain wall manufacturer in research and developing curtain wall structure and structural components, the building facade aluminium curtain wall profile this drawing is actually according to customer demand to provide external contour size, using multi-layer method installed, reflect flexible design, wind resistance, and seismic ability are strong, is the best choice of tall buildings. It can improve the building’s novelty and technology, such as photovoltaic energy-saving aluminum curtain wall, double-layer ventilation aluminium curtain wall profile, and intelligent technology matching design.

The building curtain wall is a subsystem of the building, which does not bear the load from the main body, but the load itself is transferred to the main structure of the building, relative to the main body has the micromotion ability of the envelope system. The amount of aluminum alloy profiles used is 8-10 kg per square meter, mainly depends on the facade separation, the main rod section, and other positions, and many kinds of glass collocation, such as tempered glass, coated glass, insulating glass, wire glass, etc., the price factor of each glass is affected by varieties, specifications, etc. Customers who choose each curtain wall series, each glass, need to communicate with aluminum curtain wall manufacturers, to avoid the final aluminum curtain wall to achieve the overall effect that does not meet their requirements.



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