Aluminium Bifold doors

  • Place of Origin:Foshan, China
  • Temper:6063-T5
  • Customization:You can contact Facebook business directly or leave a message
  • Surface Treatment:Anodizing, Powder Coating, Wood Grain
  • Time of delivery:Normally the delivery time is 20-30 working days except some special products which need to be agreed separately.

PRODUCT Description

Aluminium Bifold door is a simple operation, easy to open and close, lock and unlock. Our doors reach and exceed the national standard regarding air and water tightness, wind pressure resistance, and soundproof performance, therefore they can function well even under severe weather. High-quality sealing rubber strip and smart structural design achieve outstanding heat insulation and energy-saving performance. We use top brand high-quality hardware and accessories for the door to ensure its quality, durability, performance, and safety. Lifetime durability and efficient tech-support service is also our products’ strength.

In NAVIEW, we offer options for your Bifold doors project.

Window Opening

Horizontal Bifold Windows

Horizontal Bifold Windows

Vertical Bifold Window

Vertical Bifold Window

Aluminium Bifold Windows

Aluminium Bifold Windows

Aluminium Bifold Windows

Aluminium Bifold Windows

Folding Windows Process

Production QC

1) The frame should be clean, smooth, consistent color, with no corrosion, scratch. No problems with trial installation.

2) Check the lock position, flexibility, shake it to see if it is loose, close it to check if it is locked and not moved.

3) Rubber Seal strip should be flat, with no warped edge, not of the gap.

Guarantee of Aluminum Bi-fold Windows

We offer Online Technical Support & Return and Replacement & Free windows Spare Parts.

Besides, for glass, we offer these:

Free return for insulated glass which is scratched;

Free return for laminated glass which has a bubble in PVB resin.

Rollers and track provide mechanically smooth slides, while long-lasting and quiet movement.

Glass Information

1) Types of Glass: Double tempered glass, laminated glass, frosted glass, low E glass, tinted glass, reflective glass.

2) Insulated Glass: single/double/argon filled; insulated spacer: 6/9/12mm.

3) Double-pane windows: 5mm+9A+5mm/5mm+9A+5mm/5mm+12A+5mm (6mm glass); (25A max).

4) Laminated: 4mm+0.38pvb+4mm/6mm+0.76pvb+6mm/1.52pvb, etc.

Folding Glass Windows

Fly Screen Material

· 304 stainless steel anti-theft fly screen ( >0.5mm).

· 304 stainless steel folding fly screen (0.1-0.2mm).

· PET fly screen (polyethylene terephthalate/polyester).

Bifold Window Hardware

Bifold Window Hardware

Aluminium Bifold Window Packaging

Aluminium Bifold Window Packaging

To ensure the products arrive safely, they are packed in protective tape + iron pallets + PE films + airbags + plastic belts, or depending on your requirements.

(1) Corners are wrapped in cardboard.

(2) Frames are wrapped by protective tape.

(3) Fix window on iron pallets with aluminum strips.

(4) Reinforce windows & doors with plastic belts.

(5) Covered by PE film.

(6) Tie up iron pallets in a container with plastic belts.

(7) Fill in the space between each two iron pallets with airbags to keep them stable.

Bifold Windows Cost

The price is based on the project-specific requirements, provide the below information would help us quote the exact price to you.

1) Shop drawing/window schedule to show the window dimensions, quantity, and type.

2) Type of glass and thickness (single/double/laminated, etc.) and color (clear, tinted, reflective, Low-E or others, with Argon or not).

3) Frame color.

For Bifold Window Color & Finishes

>45 micron PVDF (carbon-clouridecoated) Coating & >10 microns anodizing, provides 10-year guarantee aluminum profile finish

NAVIEW Factory Aluminium Frame Color

· Light Champagne

· Light Ti Gold Sandblasting

· Light Brown Sandblasting

· Grey Sandblasting

· Black Sandblasting

· White Bifold Window

Aluminium Window Frame Color Options

Wooden Pattern

Wooden Pattern for Windows

Besides, an additional color coating is available. Contact us for more information, please.

The more aluminum doors information we know, the more Integrated solution & accurate quotation could be sent with the help of our design and engineer dept.

The purpose that decorates a house is to create the living environment of a sweet and harmonious, what should consider above all when choosing a folding door so is homophonic that design and color are the same as bedroom style moves collocation. The process quality of the product can be preliminarily evaluated employing image inspection, that is, by hand touch and sidelight. Aluminum door frame can be used in hand contact with the panel and frame edge, faceplate, corner with the hand, the requirement does not have the scratch feeling, downy and exquisite. Aluminium Folding Doors are mainly suitable for workshop, shopping mall, office building, exhibition hall and home decoration and other places of the partition use, screen use, inner door, an outer door can be installed and used. It can effectively play the role of temperature insulation, dustproof, noise reduction, sound insulation, shelter, and so on. We can subdivide it according to different situations as follows:

  • according to the different styles, the folding door is divided into two kinds: side hanging folding door and push-pull folding door. Aluminiumb folding door for many folds, can be pushed to the side, occupy less space. 
  •  according to the simple degree of installation, the folding door is divided into the simple folding door and complex folding door. The simple folding door is the same as the flat door, but the hinge that connects the folding door fan is specially made. When complex fold the installation of the door, track of the door, lower installation uses turn hardware fittings. 
  • according to the use of different methods, the folding door can be divided into the manual-folding door, electric (traditional) folding doors, electric (double model) folding doors. Can be selected according to the user’s needs. 

Aluminium bifold doors door mainly by the aluminium door frame extrusions, door fan, transmission parts, rotary arm parts, transmission rod, directional device, and so on. The door type can be installed indoors and outdoors. Each door has four doors, two side doors, two middle doors. Side door one side of the frame and the door is connected by a hinge, the door side door on the other side of the transom upper and lower end are respectively equipped with a rotating shaft, the rotating shaft and the door frame on both sides of the door are connected, the side transom will rotate around the side transom, and drive the door together to rotate to 90° so that the door open and close.


1) folding door has the advantage of beautiful and easy, novel style, diversity of design and color. 

2) easy to use, push and pull freely, effectively save the space occupied by the door. 

The folding door has lightweight, heat preservation, moisture-proof, fire retardant, noise reduction, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, and other chemical stability. 

3) no lampblack, easy to clean, not easy to change color, simple and quick installation, long service life, easy maintenance 


1) slightly poor sealing;

2)The thermal insulation is slightly poor;

Pulley and folding parts such as easy to wear, need to be equipped with high-quality accessories 





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