Aluminum Tube

There are many different types of tubes, typical of square aluminum square tube, round tube, decorative aluminum square tube, various special-shaped aluminum square tube, and so on. Profiles aluminum round tube, square aluminum square tube with different characteristics, aluminium square tube standard sizes ventilation and aluminum material extrusion molding, hardness, straightness, far more than other products different tube is can choose different installation height and spacing, can be held high, a thin, plus reasonable color collocation, make protean design, can design the different adornment effect. Reflects the simple and clear modern style, simple and convenient installation, and disassembly! All kinds of aluminum extrusion tubes, aluminium square tube standard sizes, other spot pipe products, specifications, and models are complete, aluminium tube suppliers direct sales! With rich experience in the industry, the company provides customized manufacturing solutions to achieve diversified and high-tech products and provides a series of professional services in response to customer needs.

The characteristics of aluminum extrusion tubes can be analyzed from three aspects and understood according to the advantages of welding technology. The welding technology of thin-walled copper-aluminum tube suppliers suitable for industrial production is known as a difficult problem, and it is the key technology of aluminum replacing copper in air conditioner connecting pipes. According to the advantage of service life, from the inner wall of the aluminium square tube standard sizes, because the refrigerant does not contain water, the inner wall of the copper-aluminum connecting pipe will not corrode. Furthermore, according to the advantages of energy-saving, the connecting pipeline of air conditioner indoor unit and outdoor unit, the lower the heat transfer efficiency, the more energy-saving, or in other words, the better the heat insulation effect, the more electricity saving. Excellent bending performance, easy to install and move. The scope of use of pipe products: engineering decoration; Equipment manufacturing; Machining parts; Electrician electrical; Digital electronics; Traffic signs; Stage props; Furniture cabinet; Lighting; Office equipment; Solar energy frame equipment; LED landscape lamp; Stents and so on.



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