Aluminum Trim Line

Metal decorative lines, also known as aluminum tile trim, mainly play the role of cover seam and decoration. Divide the shade horn line, Yang Angle, I -shaped, shut article, article flat side, and other models, and so on. specifications for the diversification of models, the material can be based on aluminum alloy profile. Metal decorative lines have various specifications. Metal decorative lines are usually used at the junction of different materials, such as a wood floor for the bedroom, Anodised Aluminium Tile Trim decoration, or powder coating aluminum tile trim decoration for the corridor. At the junction of two kinds of materials, it is necessary to use an aluminum alloy plate to fill the joints. Still have metope modeling, after the part that rises above metope is closed with the closing line, covered the multilayer material section on the modeling edge, have beautification effect. It is the building, building materials, decoration materials industry, furniture industry and other industrial products field application are very extensive, can be processed into an anodized aluminium tile trim, ceiling sockets architectural, door frames, aluminum window frames, floor, the line that play a base, near the door, clapboard, waistline, all kinds of decorative lines, picture windows frames, all kinds of specifications, and family daily necessities such as hundreds of varieties. Metal lines in the home products in the local or overall use of the case continues to produce, with a unique personality in the home field. It is also a very good edge material, but also a decorative material with the effect of making the finishing point. Metal decorative lines in terms of their specifications, it is based on the design requirements or the function of local conditions, a market can also be customized. Aluminum as a distinctive material gradually to focus on the shortage of wood resources, foster strengths and circumvent weaknesses has always been the mainstream material utilization principle, how to give full play to the characteristics of aluminum or may find new applications, or create new aluminum material, make aluminum better adapted to the application of household, along with the in-depth study of aluminum materials. It is believed that aluminum alloy profile will have a greater display space and application in the future.



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