Aluminum alloy hanging rod

Clothes Hanging Pole, also known as “clothes hanging rail tube”, refers to the horizontal bar hanging clothes in the wardrobe, according to different materials can be divided into stainless steel clothes through, aluminum alloy clothes through, space aluminum clothes through, titanium alloy clothes through, solid wood clothes through, plastic clothes through and so on. According to different cross-sections, shapes can be divided into round, oval, square, and so on. Good hanging clothing pole above the inlaid small plastic strip, reduce hanger and clothing through the metal directly scrape, avoid noise. It is usually removable. Material is generally ordinary aluminum alloy 6063-t5, load-bearing great. Customized store content ark almirah can wait according to his be fond of and habit make more personalized space, room ambry did not install fold clothes platform, with clothes hanging pole as replace. According to the nature of different custom aluminum hanging rod classification, wardrobe and hanging clothes rod is an important part of the overall wardrobe internal composition, can not only keep the clothes bright and luster, flat without please, and can be arbitrarily selected, convenient storage.

General wardrobe hanging rod is cylindrical, between its internal about 3CM, at the same time, the installation of wardrobe clothes hanging pole must be 50 from the board about 4-7cm, the distance from the hanger is easier to place. When installing clothes hanging rail tube should pay attention to, clothes hanging pole must take the actual depth of the wardrobe as the standard, and the distance from the board above must have 4-6 centimeters, this size must be met, because the distance is too short, later put clothes rack will be more labors; Distance is too long, and a waste of space; Consider from the Angle that wardrobe whole design is beautiful, wear as far as possible concerning the dimension requirement of other space, accomplish “even”.

The company has a mature production technology and rich experience in the aspect of aluminum alloy profiles, with perfect mold development equipment, product finishing equipment, and testing equipment. We according to customer requirements custom aluminum hanging rods for customers to customize satisfactory aluminum hanging rod products.



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